Kebaya Series
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Material: Stretch Cotton. A denim-like material which is stretchable and elastic! (Memeri). Material is semi-thick. It is advisable to wear inner for lighter color.

• Modern Mini Kebaya Slim Fit cutting
• Hidden zip at front top - BF/ Nursing friendly
• Hidden zip at sleeves - Wudhu' friendly
• Slight Puff Sleeves
• Kebaya Collar neckline
• No shoulder pad, no lining
• Dart at front and back side
• Border lace patches at front hem & end sleeves
• Round rhinestones at front top & sleeves
• Front hem is longer than back hem

• Full elastic waistband without zip
• Skirt is layered with 6 panel cutting skirt net
• Horsehair braid for hem finishing


• Material: Japanese Moss Crepe (Tidak memeri / Non-stretchable)
• Zipper: Front (BF Friendly)
• Skirt: Printed Sateen Crepe - Instant Pario (Tak perlu lilit, sarung sahaja). Back waistband.
• Detailing: Kebarong style top with mini-bell sleeve + FOC 2 units detachable Swarovski Brooch